Carolina E-Cigs carries Tips & Adapters for the most popular tanks on the market. Shop online or stop by one of our Charlotte area locations to purchase one today!

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Tips & Adapters

  1. 510 to eGo Adapter

    The 510 to eGo Adapter allows the use of eGo threaded atomizers on your 510 batteries.

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  2. Bullet Drip Tip

    This Bullet Drip Tip is made of stainless steel, in chrome plate finish, ensuring it is both useful and fun. Easy to clean and durable for long usage, this drip tip is the perfect finishing touch for your personal vaporizer.

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    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $7.00

  3. Ceramic Ming Drip Tip

    The Ceramic Ming Drip Tip offers a smooth, comfortable feel. They are compatible with most 510 devices and allow you easy access when dripping directly onto the atomizer. The Ceramic Ming Drip Tip is available in four gorgeous glazes.

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  4. Clear Ming Drip Tips

    The Clear Ming Drip Tip is made of translucent acrylic in a variety of colors, giving you a stylish and fun vaping experience. Easy to clean and durable, these drip tips add the finishing touch to your device.

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    Regular Price: $1.00

    Special Price: $0.50

  5. Delrin Swivel Drip Tip

    Delrin Swivel Drip Tips are knuckle jointed to allow you to swivel the mouthpiece into a comfortable position for vaping. If you prefer dripping, the Delrin Swivel Drip Tip has a hollow center that gives you the option to drip eLiquid directly into the atomizer without removing the tip.

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