Council of Vapor is an American vape hardware company, famous for creating the Royal Hunter RDA and Vengeance Sub Ohm Tank.

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Council of Vapor

  1. Mini Volt V2 40W Kit by Council of Vapor

    The Mini Volt V2 40W TC Starter Kit by Council of Vapor is the technological evolution of the most well-balanced compact featured set. Measuring a minuscule 56mm by 35mm by 22mm while packing 40W maximum output the Mini Volt V2 boasts improved 1200mAh battery life, faster charging rates, and retains the same gorgeous carbon fiber inlay chassis. The internal on-board chipset is greatly improved, with 90 minute rapid charge capability, improved undervoltage cut-offs and a plethora of safety features for a consistent and reliable performance. The implementation undervoltage cut-off set at 3.2V ergonomically reduces problems with underpowered output, greatly making the Mini Volt V2 highly dependable with a manufacturer rated 1200mAh internal battery. The Mini Volt V2 fits comfortably in hand, with a gorgeous showcase piece featuring durable zinc alloy construction and stunning carbon fiber inlay. With excellent upgrades between battery functionality and performance, the Mini Volt V2 by Council of Vapor is the pinnacle of ultra compact architectural structure.

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