Beard Vape Co.

Beard Vape Co. made almost 100 eLiquid flavors over the course of several months and assigned a block number to each one. The flavors were set out for testing in the vape shop and people began coming back for more. After weeks of feedback from customers on each of the 100 flavors, the team narrowed it down their original three flavors. Since the customers were familiar with the assigned number of the flavors, the team decided to stick with their initial numbers as names. Due to the amount of feedback from initial testers, Beard Vape Co. likes to say it was the customers who created their line of juice. As Beard's popularity grew, so did the flavors. Check out our selection of Beard Vape Co. eLiquids here, or stop by the shop to try before you buy!

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Beard Vape Co.

  1. The One by Beard Vape Co.

    The One by Beard Vape Co. is a frosted donut cereal dipped in strawberry milk.

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