Carolina E-Cigs carries a wide range of mod batteries. Browse our selection here, or stop by one of our Charlotte area locations to see what we have in stock!

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Mod Batteries

  1. EH 18500 IMR Battery

    The EH 18500 IMR LiMn Battery is chemically safer than other brands Li-Ion batteries and do not need protection circuit. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe in series or in parallel.

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    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price: $2.00

  2. EHPro 18350

    Genuine EHPro 18350 Batteries will keep your mod running all day!

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    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price: $2.00

  3. Samsung 25r

    Genuine Samsung INR18650-25R 2500 mAh Batteries with a 25 amp max continuous discharge. This battery can handle sub-ohm builds down to .15 ohms. It shines when used to power a VV or VW mod. If your VV/VW device can use flat top 18650s, this is the battery you need!

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  4. TrustFire 18650

    TrustFire IMR 18650 3.7V 2000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

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    Regular Price: $4.50

    Special Price: $2.50